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Recognised sponsorship for business

In the world of economic immigration and hiring talent from all over the globe, it is a necessity to let the new employee start their job in the Netherlands as soon as possible. As soon as possible can be achieved by being a company that has the status of a recognised sponsor. For hiring talent, like highly skilled migrants, it’s even obligated. Being a recognised sponsor comes with many advantages and at the same time certain responsibilities.

Advantages  Responsibilities
Applications are decided within 2-3 weeks Keep and retain records
The IND considers you a reliable partner Provide information
Fewer documents/prove needed Duty of care

Assessment and procedure

The recognised sponsor status can be requested at the Dutch Immigration Service (the IND) with an application. Depending on how large your business is, the IND fees can be either € 4.212,- or € 2.105,-. The IND will assess the application and decide if your company is eligible for the status.

Depending on how long your company exists, the assessment and procedure are either simple or lengthy and detailed. For the latter, the IND is involved together with the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO). The RVO assesses the financial part of the company (continuity and solvability; point-based system) and gives positive or negative advice about the company. The IND always follows this advice and accepts respectively denies the request for recognised sponsorship.

  • The company exists longer than 3 years

In this case, the procedure doesn’t take very long and the assessment is quite simple.

  • The company exists for less than 1,5 years

The procedure can take around six months and the assessment is more detailed and the RVO gives the advice. A lot of documentation and explanation are needed. The documents to think of are a business plan, financial plan, organisation structure, balance sheet, liquidity forecast, and other documents that can be relevant to prove that the company has a promising future.

  • The company exists between 1,5 and 3 years

The procedure and assessment depend on the IND’s opinion about the company’s continuity and solvability. As said here above, it’s the RVO that assesses the financial situation of the company. However, when a company exists between 1,5 and 3 years, the IND decides if there is doubt about the financial situation. If so, then the company’s application is considered to be under the same procedure and assessment as a company that exists for less than 1,5 years. This means that the procedure and assessment can take around six months and a more detailed assessment will follow. If there are no doubts about the finances the procedure can be quickly finished.

How we can help

We have a lot of experience in getting our business clients the status of recognised sponsor. We can also do this for you. If you would like more information or would like to know what the process exactly looks like, contact us or call us on +31 70 770 9065.

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