Estrafidus Immigration and Nationality Lawyers

For corporate Business

For our Corporate Business Clients

We advise and assist you across multiple areas of Dutch immigration. We prioritize your needs, keep in mind your business goals and handle cases accordingly. 
Our main service is
  • Advise, prepare and submit recognised sponsorship applications to the Dutch Immigration Services (IND)
  • Advise, prepare and submit applications to the IND in order to receive the correct residence and work permits for your employees and their family members
Our legal services also include
  • Strategic and tailored advice on every immigration request
  • Timely (de)registration
  • Challenge and litigate before Dutch courts the revocation of recognised sponsorship
  • Challenge and litigate before Dutch court the revocation of your employee’s residence and work permit
Given the nature of immigration and the connection with tax law and employment law, we also advise and prepare:
  • The 30% ruling (tax law) for your employees
  • The dismissal procedure at UWV 
  • Negotiation on severance pay for your business

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