About us

Estrafidus is a boutique law firm based in The Hague, with expertise in Dutch and EU immigration law and Dutch nationality law for corporate business and individuals. 
The founders of Estrafidus, Ajtena Abdi and Tizen Abdi, are dedicated to create positive change for their clients and commit to long-term partnerships. The team is attentive and develop consistent, reassuring, and tailored solutions to immigration and nationality challenges.
We listen carefully what our clients true wishes are and always prioritize their needs. For more than a decade our focus has been solely on immigration and nationality law. We have the up-to-date knowledge, the network and the experience in practice to exactly determine in which situation, which strategy to apply. 
We relish immigration and nationality challenges of all shapes and sizes. We’re personal, transparant and rigorous, so we can have better conversations, that are critical to the process and the decision points to definitively correct paths and bring about change. 
We believe in giving sustainable solutions; solutions that work now, ánd in the future.

Our Mission

“Transform challenges into change”. A modern approach to problem-solving. It’s why we’re here. It’s what we stand for. It’s about reliance, progress and trust-building. It’s about getting things done. We’re dedicated to create positive change and move our clients and our partnerships forward.

Our Core Values

Our lawyers

Ajtena Abdi is partner and co-founder of Estrafidus. She is an expert in European/Dutch immigration and Dutch nationality law. She has been exclusively practicing immigration and nationality law for over a decade. Through the years she developed a special focus on corporate immigration, expats in the Netherlands, family/EU immigration and complex cases within naturalization and withdrawals of residence permits. She advises about residence and work permits, but also litigates before all Dutch immigration courts.
Ajtena Abdi obtained her master’s degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden University and was already involved in immigration law from the start of her studies. Since then, she has worked at various immigration law firms, like Mynta Law and Prakken d’Oliveira, and initially worked at the Dutch immigration authority; the Immigration and Naturalization Services.
Ajtena Abdi is a member of the Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten and Werkgroep Rechtsbijstand in Vreemdelingenzaken.
Ajtena is proficient in Dutch, English, German and Macedonian.