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Unlocking Opportunities: The Dutch Orientation Year Visa for International Graduates

The Netherlands is a popular destination for international master’s degree holders. Within three years after graduation, you can decide to relocate to the Netherlands based on the Orientation Year visa. This regulation provides international master’s degree graduates from outside of the Netherlands with a unique opportunity to reside in the Netherlands for one year to seek employment.

Eligibility Criteria
To qualify for the Orientation Year visa, international students must meet specific criteria. These include holding a master’s degree from a university featured in at least two different Top-200 Worldwide Rankings. Notably, these rankings can pertain to the universitity as a whole or to the specific faculty or study. Additionally, students must validate their master’s diploma through Nuffic, a Dutch validation organization. Proficiency in the English language is another requirement for this program. Lastly, make sure it hasn’t been more than three years since you graduated.

The One-Year opportunity
Once granted the Orientation Year visa, international graduates have a maximum of one year to explore job opportunitis in The Netherlands. The advantage of this regulation lies in its flexibility; there are no restrictions on the types of jobs that can be pursued during this time, providing full access to the Dutch labour market.

Long-Term Benefits
The Orientatioon Year visa isn’t just about a year of job hunting. Many visa holders successfully find employment and opt to stay in the Netherlands beyond the one-year mark. One of the possibilities you can read about, is here. The Netherlands is a highly attractice destination for expats, offering numerous advantages for those who choose to make it their home.

Getting started
For prospective applicants, it is crucial to seek detailed advice on which world rankings are relevant for university qualification and how to validate a master’s diploma in the Netherlands. Proper guidance and assistance ensures a smooth and successful application process.

How we can help
We have a lot of experience with the Orientation Year regulation and assisting international students in receiving the visa. If you want more information on how to start or if you need a lawyer to start the procedure, you can contact us or call us at +31 (0) 70 770 9065.

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