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Double Nationality in The Netherlands: Regaining Original Nationality

Obtaining Dutch citizenship through naturalisation can be a lengthy and complex process, often involving the requirement to renounce one’s original nationality, since Dutch nationality law generally upholds the principle of single nationality. Once an individual becomes a Dutch citizen though, it is important to be aware that exceptions exist which permit individuals to regain their original nationality while retaining their Dutch citizenship. In this article, we will explore the exceptions to the single nationality rule and the steps to achieve dual nationality in the Netherlands after becoming a Dutch citizen.

Regaining Original Nationality

People usually have strong emotional ties to their country of birth and their culture, language, and values. These connections are an integral part of their (social) identity. Additionally, various practical considerations may motivate individuals to seek double nationality. Some may aim to preserve inheritance rights or financial benefits, while others may be relocating back to their home country or expecting children and wanting to pass on their original nationality.

Fortunately, there are exceptions to the general rule of single nationality. The Dutch Nationality Act (Rijkswet op het Nederlanderschap) provides three specific scenarios, in article 15, paragraph 2, under a, b, and c, where individuals can regain their original nationality without losing their current Dutch citizenship:

  • Marriage: When an individual gets married to a citizen of the original nationality, or
  • Country of Birth: Individuals born in the country of original nationality and returning to that country and having the main residency in that country, while holding Dutch nationality, or
  • Five Years of Residence: Individuals who can prove that they lived in the country of original nationality for at least five years before turning 18 years old, may regain the original nationality without the risk of losing Dutch citizenship.

While there’s no legal obligation for an individual to report their double nationality to the Dutch authorities, the Dutch government retains the right to investigate and confirm compliance with the above-mentioned conditions if they become aware of the information about regaining the original nationality. This process involves providing necessary documents to support their claim.

Holding double nationality also depends on the nationality laws of the other country in question. Therefore, it is essential to confirm whether the other country permits double nationality as well.

Double nationality can be complex and depends on both Dutch nationality law and the nationality laws of the other country involved.

How we can help
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