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Privacy & Cookie statement

Estrafidus respects and protects your privacy. We ensure that the personal data we receive from
you, is treated confidentially and carefully, and is properly secured. That is why we provide this
Privacy Policy to inform you about which kind of personal data we process and why we do that.
This privacy policy applies to all persons of which Estrafidus processes personal data, like
(potential) clients, visitors and job applicants.
1. What is personal data
Personal data is all information about an identified or identifiable person, which means that
information is either directly or indirectly about you.
2. The personal data we process
The processing of personal data is not Estrafidus’ core activity, it is however necessary for the
services we provide as a law firm.
We may collect the following types of personal data directly from you, a third party and/or by
using publicly available resources:
– Information about identity; name, surname, birth date, nationality, and such;
– Contact information; e-mail address, home address, billing address, telephone number,
and such;
– Professional information; title and position, employer, work history, and such;
– Financial information; bank details/statements, salary specifics, and such;
– Usage data; information about your visits to our website, like ip-address, and such.
3. The use of personal data
The purpose of processing personal data is:
– To provide legal services to our (potential) clients and to maintain contact with our
– To act in accordance with our legal obligations;
– For marketing purposes;
– For recruitment purposes.
We use personal data based on the following legal base:
– By consent: you give us (explicit) permission;